Royal Services specializes in cleaning, professional floor care and supports the green clean movement. In addition to providing quality work and attention to detail, we focus on an open environment with our clientele.


We pay attention to the details and communicate back to our clientele.

This hands-on approach creates a partnership with our clients where we help you succeed.



Statistics gathered over the last ten to 15 years have revealed that business productivity and profit margins increase significantly when the workspace is clean and comfortable. The office environment is often overlooked by management when looking for ways to increase sales and productivity, that investing within may offer the fastest route to making external gains.

- Jay McMillan, Founder of Royal Services


14 days ago: You are proud of your business or company that you work for, but the work space needs to show that from the first moment that the front door is opened. This message is delivered to your team as they come to work, to your guests and to yo...